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Module 1
January 24, 2014

Module 2
March 7, 2014

Module 3

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

KASA Office
152 Consumer Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

Per Module/
Per Day

$169 (Members)
$269 (Nonmembers)

Registration fee includes: program materials, 6-hours EILA Credit per session, continental breakfast and boxed lunch.






Presented by the
Kentucky Association of School Administrators
and UpSlope Solutions LLC


Join us for a Leadership Development Opportunity:
Employee Discipline in an Education Environment© (EDEE)

Recommended for all "front-line" administrators and supervisors!

Module #1: Types of Employee Discipline: This workshop focuses on the most common disciplinary options used in public school districts and charter organizations in Iowa. Participants will review the risks involved when these measures are taken unreasonably or inappropriately before learning about practical, research-supported strategies for minimizing these hazards. Session participants will also begin to collaboratively practice new skills in simulated disciplinary settings while analyzing dozens of video-based re-enactments of actual disciplinary cases from across the country. More Information / Agenda

Module #2: Grounds for Employee Discipline: This workshop explores ways to establish valid and enforceable grounds for employee discipline within the context of a comprehensive and defensible Employee Code of Conduct using sources of authority such as federal laws, the Iowa Code, BOEE licensure guidelines, Board of Directors policies and collective bargaining agreements. Participants will survey the most frequent reasons for disciplinary actions against certified or support personnel before assessing the risks posed by each of these offenses from multiple vantage points. Session participants will also consider the impact of each offense on campus safety, school climate, the Common Core implementation and other influencers of student achievement. More Information / Agenda

Module #3: Executing Employee Discipline: This workshop examines the basis for several risk-reducing principles that administrators or supervisors must keep in mind when taking or initiating disciplinary action with education employees in Iowa. Participants will consider strategies for developing defensible progressive discipline guidelines before reviewing the basic framework for investigating alleged acts of employee misconduct or substandard performance. Session participants will also examine the due process, procedural and documentation concerns associated with each of the disciplinary options. More Information / Agenda


Meet the presenters

Randall Eden, President and Co-founder of Upslope Solutions

David Braswell, CEO and Co-founder of Upslope Solutions

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