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Constitution of the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel State of Kentucky


Revised September 2005 | (View MS Word Version)


The name of this organization shall be the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel (KDPP), formerly called the Kentucky Association of Pupil Personnel Workers.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the advancement of education through services to children; to establish a better relationship between the home and school; to assist in the advancement of the welfare of the child; to assist in the professional development of the pupil personnel director, and to assist in furthering the advancement of education through community and state support through the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel.


All persons interested in the field of pupil personnel services in the state may become members upon payment of annual dues to the treasurer of KDPP.

A. Voting membership in limited to those members who are actively engaged in the field of pupil personnel services. These shall include directors of pupil personnel, school social workers, health coordinators, school nurses, visiting teachers, and all certified personnel working directly in the pupil personnel field.

B. Eligible individuals may become embers by payment of annual dues.

C. An active member in good standing shall be entitled to vote, attend meetings of the association, and is entitled to all privileges of the association. The annual membership fee shall be twenty dollars ($20). The dues may be changed upon recommendation of the Board of Directors. The annual dues may be changed by a majority vote of the Directors present at a regular meeting and then presented to the full membership for a vote of the majority of active members present and voting. The procedure applies to changes in dues of regular and retired members.

D. The annual membership fee for retired members shall be five dollars ($5).



Section I

The officers of this organization shall consist of: 1. President 2. President Elect 3. Vice-President 4. Secretary and 5. Treasurer

All officers shall be elected at the annual membership meeting by the members present, and they shall take office a that time. They shall be members of KDPP. The President Elect and the Vice-President will automatically move up in office. Each officer shall be elected to a one (1) year term, and shall serve in that capacity until renominated or his/her successor is elected. Officers must hold membership in Kentucky Association of School Administrators since the officers elected will be eligible to serve as a representative to the KASA Board of Directors.

Section II

The business of the organization shall be conducted by a Board of Directors composed of one representative from each of the seventeen (17) designated KDPP Regions that were in effect prior to the July 2004 reorganization of the KASA (Kentucky Association of School Administrators) region, plus one additional representative from Jefferson County and Fayette County due to the large size of the two districts, and a representative from the Branch of Pupil Attendance. The term of office shall be three years unless renominated by his/her region. However, if no regional representative is chosen, the President of KDPP shall appoint a Director for a term of one year. Every region shall be represented. When a Director becomes an officer in KDPP, he/she should request that a new director be appointed to represent his/her region. If a Director cannot fulfill his/her term due to illness, retirement, or some other reason, he/she should advise the President in writing so a new Director may be appointed either by the region on by the President. It is necessary that every region be represented at all times.


Duties of Officers

Section I

The President shall preside at all meetings of KDPP and the Board of Directors. This person shall be ex officio member of all committees and shall perform other duties as required of such an officer. It is the duty of the President to vote only in case of a tie. The President shall appoint all committees unless otherwise stated in the bylaws, shall call special meetings of the Board of Directors when he/she deems appropriate, and shall carry out other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

Section II

The President Elect shall preside in the absence of the President. This person shall serve one term prior to assuming the duties of the President as President Elect. The person shall succeed to the President’s office should it become vacant. Succession to the office of President in case of a vacancy shall not limit the regular succession to the office of President for a full term.

Section III

The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and President Elect. This person shall render advice and assistance to the President when asked to do so.

Section IV

The Secretary shall keep records of the meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors’ meetings. The secretary shall keep an up-to-date listing of all Directors of Pupil Personnel, the membership of KDPP, its Officers and Board of Directors. The Secretary shall conduct the official correspondence of the association and issue notices of meetings when requested to do so by the President. The Secretary shall keep all minutes of meetings and shall send them to the President and Officers in a timely manner.

Section V

The Treasurer shall review the financial condition of the organization on a regular basis and shall give a written report at the Board of Directors meetings. The Treasurer shall receive all dues and other funds and shall deposit them in a bank account of his/her choosing in the association’s name. The Treasurer shall keep current records of membership, receipts, and expenditures and make a regular written report to the Board of Directors at each meeting and to the membership at the annual Conference. The Treasurer shall obtain a listing of all Directors of Pupil Personnel from the State Department of Education yearly and ascertain members and nonmembers to present to the President.



KDPP shall hold a regular Board of Directors’ meeting and a business meeting with the membership during the annual conference. The Conference is customarily held in the fall at a time selected by the Conference Committee hosting the Conference. Other membership meetings shall be subject to call by the President. Meetings shall be open to the public, but only active members shall make motions, vote, or take part in the activities from the floor. The Board of Directors shall hold three (3) regular meetings during the association’s year. The may be held as follows: (1) during the Kentucky Association of School Administrator’s Annual Conference (KASA). A breakfast meeting is usually scheduled; (2) During the KDPP Annual Conference usually held in the fall; and (3) one meeting shall be called sometime during the spring or at a time thought suitable by the President. This meeting is usually held at the Department of Education in Frankfort. The President is empowered to call other meetings if the need arises.


Association Year

The association’s year shall begin at the end of the Annual Conference and continue until the end of the conference in the next calendar year.



The following standing committees shall be appointed by the President: (1) Finance-Audit; (2) Conference; (3) Legislative; and (4) Nominating Committee. The President may appoint other committees he/she deems necessary to carry out the purposes of KDPP. Other committees deemed advisable are: Bylaws, Resolutions; Membership; Public Relations; KASA Legislative Committee, and Parliamentary Procedure Committee.

  1. Finance – Audit Committee. The President shall appoint this committee each year from the Board of Directors and Officers. It is advisable for the Treasurer to serve as Chairperson. The Committee members, excluding the Treasurer, shall audit the financial records of the preceding year and present a written report to the Board of Directors prior to the Annual Conference business meeting. The audit shall also be approved by the Conference membership at the business meeting. The committee shall act as an advisory group regarding finances.
  2. Conference Committee. This Committee shall primarily be made up of members from the region(s) who are hosting the Conference. Beginning with the 1994 Conference, the KDPP President is responsible for the location of the Conference. The President shall serve of the Committee since he/she shall host the Conference in his/her region. The President may appoint a Chairperson(s) for the Conference. The President may get a region(s) to volunteer to host the Conference if they wish to do so, and his/her region does not wish to be the sponsor. The Committee is in full charge of all matters pertaining to the Conference. The Chairperson may request five thousand dollars ($5,000) in advance from the KDPP Treasurer for Conference expenses. The sum shall be repaid to the Treasurer when the proceeds are finalized by the host region(s). The region or regions hosting the Conference may keep twenty-five (25%) percent of the Conference profits to be using by the hosting region(s) at their discretion. If the region(s) do not wish to keep all or part of the twenty-five (25) percent for their use, they may return all or part of the twenty-five (25) percent profit to the Treasurer.
  3. Legislative Committee. This Committee shall watch over any state legislation or regulations that affect the association’s members. This Committee will work closely with state legislators to keep abreast of legislation that pertains to the members. The Committee is urged to attend legislative hearings when possible, and to provide input to the KDPP Board of Directors. The Committee shall follow the KASA Legislative Alert for the latest information when the legislature is in session.
  4. Nominating Committee. This Committee shall consist of the President and several members selected from the officers and/or the Board Members. Each year they shall present a slate of nominees for officers of the association. The slate of officers shall be presented at the annual Board of Director meeting at the Conference and shall be voted on at the annual Conference business meeting along with any nominations from the floor.


Affiliated Units

Directors of Pupil Personnel in the seventeen (17) affiliated regions are urged to establish regional units of KDPP. Such regional units are to remain active with officers and meetings and to provide guidance and help to their affiliated, the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel and to the Kentucky Department of Education Branch of Pupil Attendance.


Operational Funds

  1. Income. All funds received by the association from dues, their share of Conference profits, and other sources, shall be paid to the Treasurer. He/she shall deposit them in a bank account in the bank of his/her choice under the association’s name. The Treasurer shall account for funds by written report to the membership at the Annual Conference. The Treasurer’s report shall be approved at that time.
  2. Disbursements. All funds shall be disbursed by the Treasurer to pay operating expenses of the association or any other legal and necessary expenditures or investments. Any expenditure to one person or business over five-hundred dollars ($500) shall have prior approval of the President and the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall not need approval to advance funds to the Conference Committee for Conference expenses. A majority of the Board members present at a meeting can approve expenses over $500 dollars requested by the President or Treasurer.



This new and revised Constitution shall be approved at a regular meeting of the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days preceding the full membership meeting. After presentation to the membership at the Annual Conference, it shall be approved by a majority of active voting members present. The Constitution shall take effect upon passage. Proceedings of the organization shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised for any clarification of procedure.


Bylaws and Amendments

Bylaws of this association may be adopted by a majority of the Board of Directors present at a meeting. Upon presentation to the full membership, they may be adopted by a vote of a majority of active members present and voting. Bylaws may be added and/or changed to complement the Constitution of the Kentucky directors of Pupil Personnel when changes appear to be necessary or desirable to carry out the functions of the organization. Amendments shall be adopted in the same manner.



The Officers and Board of Directors of the Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel Association shall be selected on a nondiscriminatory basis with respect to age, sex, race, religion, handicap, or national origin.

BYLAWS (Adopted 11/95)

Fiscal Year for Dues

The fiscal year for KDPP membership dues will be from July 1 to June 30. Dues are delinquent if not paid by the day after the annual KDPP Conference ends. Yearly dues may be paid by local payroll deduction to KASA, may be mailed to the KDPP Treasurer, or dues may be paid at the Annual Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel Conference.

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President, Karen Kirby
President-elect, Richard Culross
Vice President, Anthony Thompson

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